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Outback Omega 200 Gas BBQ Chrome Grill Lava Rock

Outback Omega 200 Gas BBQ Chrome Grill Lava Rock

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Omega 200 Gas Barbecue, Chosen by Which as a ‘Best Buy’ in 2008, this little beauty is a winner time after time. A great mix of quality and value for money, the Omega 200 Gas Barbecue grill is part of the entry-level BBQ range and is always a popular choice. Features include a large cooking area, dual control knobs, and two folding side shelves.

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– Cooking area of 50 x 36 cm
– 1 Steel burner
– Chrome grill
– Lava rock
– Dimensions (WxDxH): 1400 x 610 x 1280 mm

The Omega 200 gas barbecue by Outback is small enough to be placed discreetly on any outdoor space, yet big enough to create a banquet for a family of 4. Lava rock included under the Chrome Cooking Grill. Featuring a piezo ignition switch that is easily started and two control dials for easy heat regulation there’s no wonder this barbecue was chosen by Which Consumer Association as a ‘Best Buy’ in 2008.

The Omega 200 comes with Lava Rocks. What are Lava Rocks?

Lava Rocks are used instead of flavouriser bars. They fit above the burners and under the grill top. They are designed to channel away excess grease and avoid bad flare-ups. Fat and juices drip from cooked meat, hits the lava rock and vaporises into smoke and steam which flavours the food on the grill. Lava Rocks are prefered by a lot of our customers because they intensifying the genuine BBQ flavour in the food cooked above them. It is recommended that the lava rock is changed at least every season. Lava rocks are included, you can purchase extra boxes of Lava Rock here.

Protect against all weather conditions


Keeping your barbecue protected throughout the winter, ensuring it is always ready to fire up at a moments notice, is very important. We always recommend treating any wooden parts your barbecue may have with a coating of wood preserve. We also recommend buying an all weather, high thread count, water resistant Premium Cover.
Don’t forget accessories


Ensure you get the most from your barbecue by adding some accessories. Accessories can help you enjoy your experience, if that is having the right tools to flip the perfect burger or grill fish whole, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Some accessories also help clean your barbecue to ensure it keeps the ability to wow you time and time again. Check out our full range of Outback Accessories (we have the top recommended accessories for this barbecue on the right hand side of this page too).


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